Enrich the World

Marketing is the symbiotic act of creating and curating content for the benefit of others. Increasing sales and profits is a byproduct. When you contribute content, your goal should always be to enrich the world. You want to build relationships, not broadcast sales pitches, with the purpose of growing a mutually beneficial influence. With that focus in mind, your marketing will not only improve your business, but also the lives of those you listen to with genuine interest.

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Blog Promotion: Give Your Work the Publicity It Deserves

Are you new to this website or blog series? While you don’t necessarily need to read from the beginning, here’s a list of what’s been discussed so far, just in case: Is Blogging Right for Your Business? An Analysis Getting Started with Blogging: Are You Ready? Blogging Best Practices: Staying Organized Blogging Best Practices: Finding Inspiration Blogging ROI: How to…

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Blogging ROI: How to Determine Your Blog’s Value

So far, I’ve discussed the value of blogging and beginning stages up to strategies for staying organized and finding inspiration. So, what’s next? In this article, I’m focusing on the tricks and strategies for measuring the success of your hard work. You can’t know if your blogging is working if you don’t know what you’re looking to achieve. You can’t demonstrate…