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Save Time With Your Personal Branding: A Guide

When you first start out with managing your personal brand, you might feel a rush of excitement with the anticipation of getting your name out there. However, you might also realize that personal branding comes with a hefty time commitment in order to be done effectively. The excitement is important to maintain in order to drive your hard work forward,…

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How To Save Your Marketing From Yourself

With every day that we act upon our marketing strategy and with every step we take, we take risks. Those risks can lead to great rewards, or they can hurt us in the end. Most times, the consequences of our marketing are directly related to our own initial choices, and this can be used to our benefit if we take…

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5 Mistakes You’re Making Growing Your Blog

As bloggers, whether for a business or independent, we want to see a quick and easy growth in our blog. It discourages us to see poor website traffic and low subscription rates. We put in all this effort into building our blog, so we do whatever we can to see it grow. Unfortunately, there are a few techniques that some…

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Overcoming Writer’s Block: Subscribe and Discover

I know many people would prefer to write their own content without resorting to others’ ideas for inspiration. Writers often prefer to create unique content that hasn’t been shared a bunch of times before. I agree that would be best, but sometimes using others’ resources to inspire your own writing can be just as welcomed. I subscribe to several blogs.…

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5 Email Marketing Practices To Stop Doing Today

Many people, including myself, use email subscriptions to stay in touch with our favorite companies and bloggers. We sign up for weekly blog articles, newsletters and other email content. When we subscribe, it is our expectation that the emails we receive and the steps that follow are ethical, so when there’s a problem in this process, it can cause a…

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Overcoming Writer’s Block: Your Work Environment

As the process of writing involves concentration, you’ll find that your work environment can be the very reason for your writing productivity issues. Do you have a designated workspace for your writing process? Do you experience frequent writer’s block while working there? What’s causing this? It’s important for you to have a workspace that helps rather than hinders your creative…