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Marketing is the symbiotic act of creating and curating content for the benefit of others. Increasing sales and profits is a byproduct. When you contribute content, your goal should always be to enrich the world. You want to build relationships, not broadcast sales pitches, with the purpose of growing a mutually beneficial influence. With that focus in mind, your marketing will not only improve your business, but also the lives of those you listen to with genuine interest.

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Blogging ROI: How to Determine Your Blog’s Value

So far, I’ve discussed the value of blogging and beginning stages up to strategies for staying organized and finding inspiration. So, what’s next? In this article, I’m focusing on the tricks and strategies for measuring the success of your hard work. You can’t know if your blogging is working if you don’t know what you’re looking to achieve. You can’t demonstrate…

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10 Productivity Tools You Wouldn’t Expect – Part I

You’ve seen them all, I’m sure. Article after article with productivity tools and tips. It can be difficult to find that needle in the haystack that you’re looking for, but never fear. I have a solution to that dilemma. Instead of providing the typical apps and other resources you’d likely find in other articles, I have here the first five…

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Blogging Best Practices: Finding Inspiration

If you’ve been following this series of articles on blogging, you know why it is important to your business. You know how to get started, and now you also know the best practices for staying organized. If you’re just getting started with this series, or you skipped ahead to what you were looking for, welcome. This article provides a great…

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Marketing for the Awesome: An Open Letter to Buffer

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou To the Company for the Awesome by the Awesome: Buffer has a real gift at making people’s lives better, and with more than just their product. You all have a great social media…

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Blogging Best Practices: Staying Organized

The past two articles I’ve shared in this series are full of introductory advice and handy resources to get you started with your own blogging efforts. From now on, I plan to go further in-depth with my curated content to get you adjusted to regular blog activity, ultimately leading to advanced tips from the experts in this field. Did you…

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7 Tips for Content Marketers Who Want to Stay Relevant

Are you staying current with content marketing trends, techniques and other recommendations? Here are seven tips that I guarantee will help you keep your content marketing relevant and up-to-date. They might even help you gain an edge over other marketers! ——— 1. Subscribe to industry blogs by email and organize them in a way that helps you easily reference what…

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Getting Started with Blogging: Are You Ready?

Previously, I wrote about the statistical importance of business blogging. Today, I share part two: a “getting started” guide with entry-level or beginning blogging tips to help you with the initial processes, including starting to write your articles. If you have any questions or other input, I welcome you to leave a comment at the end. I respond within 12-24…

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