How are YOU making an impact?

Marketing is the act of sharing knowledge for the benefit of others. Increasing sales and profits is a byproduct. When you share content, your goal should always be to enrich the lives of others. With that focus in mind, your marketing will not only improve your business, but also the lives of those who listen to you. - Annaliese Henwood

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7 Tips for Content Marketers Who Want to Stay Relevant

Are you staying current with content marketing trends, techniques and other recommendations? Here are seven tips that I guarantee will help you keep your content marketing relevant and up-to-date. They might even help you gain an edge over other marketers! ——— 1. Subscribe to industry blogs by email and organize them in a way that helps you easily reference what…

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Getting Started with Blogging: Are You Ready?

Previously, I wrote about the statistical importance of business blogging. Today, I share part two: a “getting started” guide to help you with the initial processes, including beginning to write your articles. If you have any questions or other input, I welcome you to leave a comment at the end. I respond within 12-24 hours guaranteed. ——— I have a…

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2015: The Year of Anti-Resolutions?

We’re all ready for this new year, right? We have our hopes and ideas for the future in all areas of our lives. However, there is one trend I’m noticing in the news and blog writing about the New Year… Most writers are very much against setting New Year’s resolutions, and I really don’t understand why. The Focus When it…

Globe with computer and mouse and the word blog

Is Blogging Right for Your Business? A Curated Analysis

Let me guess: You’re a savvy marketer seeking to branch out from the typical marketing practices you know so well. You’re an experienced marketer who simply wants to get a fresh look at blogging advice. Does one or both of those scenarios fit your description? Regardless, I welcome you to read through this series on blogging practices. It will delve…

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The Essential Marketing Toolkit: Be Ready for Anything

You have a marketing plan in place, but do you know what should be in your marketing toolkit? It depends on who your target audience is and your budget/staffing, but there are some things every business and organization should at least consider adding to stay current and prepared… An online presence A mobile-optimized, responsive website At least one active social media account…

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Social Media Marketing: A Platform Guide

  What are you doing for your business’ publicity? Have you found yourself stuck in traditional marketing and fear or doubt the change to online? Are you still holding back from social media or maybe not jumping in completely yet? In this post, I share my opinion on the different social media platforms with help from some of the leaders…

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