I would like to start by thanking you for visiting my website. It’s wonderful to see that people are interested in my work, and I look forward to helping you in any way I can.

Annaliese Henwood close-up photoI am Annaliese Henwood, an independent blogger working on my personal brand. I’m active on my website and social media for marketing career-building purposes. In my career, I’ve had several important jobs, internships, and volunteer experiences that I believe were each truly valuable in unbelievable ways. Without them, I wouldn’t be as prepared for the marketing field as I am today.

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My Story

Why I decided on a writing-based career:

When I was just a tiny little bit of a person, I would love to write. I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a writer.

My aunt is a published author, and I’ve always looked up to her as an inspiration and role model. It has always been my wish that I would one day be as passionate and successful as she is.

When I reached my middle school years, I became accustomed to keeping a daily journal. I’m still committed to journal writing to this day.

It was actually in college where I first started blogging. I loved writing about the different awareness days, weeks and months of the year, such as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and World Kindness Day.

Although that website no longer exists, it still holds dear to me because it got me motivated to take my writing to the public eye. It took me outside my comfort zone and gave me the strength I needed to advance my career.

Ever since November 2014, I have been building this website you’re looking at now. I chose to move away from personal reflection topics and focus on my career and passion: marketing.

The event that made me choose marketing:

I started volunteering for a no-kill animal shelter located near my college, Saint Joseph’s University, in 2009. At first, I spent my time caring for the cats and dogs that lived there. Not long after I began, I befriended the Executive Director.

One day, I made a flyer for the shelter just for fun, and I showed it to the Executive Director. She suggested I take my skills and interests in writing and make it my career. My major at Saint Joe’s was psychology at the time, but after creating that one flyer, I chose to pursue marketing as well.

I instantly fell in love with everything I was learning, and it was clear that I had found my passion and purpose. I finished my education with a dual degree in both psychology and marketing in 2012, and I’ve been working in the marketing field ever since.

This is what I have to offer employers:

You’re looking for someone with the education and experience to bring in real results from your business marketing. Whether you’re focusing on content creation, social media, SEO, advertising, email, or any marketing area, I can give you the lead generation results you’re seeking.

  • I have a lifelong history of writing, and I’ve been blogging for ~7 years.
  • I’ve been active on social media ever since MySpace came out, and I’ve used it for marketing for ~5 years.
  • I’ve worked with social media advertising and AdWords advertising for 2 years each.
  • My current blog has always included SEO efforts throughout its 3 years in existence.
  • I’m a jack-of-all-trades and marketing chameleon, and I’ll bring that expertise to your company from day 1.

When discussing education, I have a college degree in psychology and marketing. I’m HubSpot certified in Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. In addition, I plan to earn more certifications through Udemy and Google. I value a career rich in education and growth. Marketing is such a fast-moving industry, and marketers cannot afford to fall behind.

If you’re looking for someone educated and experienced enough to bring the most current and effective methods to your marketing efforts, look no further than at me.

These are my career goals for the next 5 years:

I’ve told people many times that I love what I do. That applies to my career goals in that I never want to stop being the “doer.” I always want to be the one who acts on the strategy and interacts directly with the brand audience.

My goals for the next 5 years reflect that.

  • I’ll be considered one of the top 100 marketing influencers.
  • My blog will reach 10,000 legitimate subscribers.
  • I will have found a steady, permanent role at a company that values my work and marketing as a whole.
  • That company will have chosen me to be their go-to person for their digital marketing needs.

I’m not directly interested in higher management roles because I don’t want to oversee the action. I want to be the one that implements it. As long as I have what I need to live a fulfilling life, I don’t need anything more.

My DISCstyles™ Online Report:

Have you heard of the DISCstyles Online Report? It’s a type of personality assessment, but it’s targeted toward your career and workplace preferences. If you’re an employer trying to decide whether I would fit with your company, I welcome you to scroll through it if you’d like.

These are just a few of the highlights from the report:

  • I strive to make things as high-quality as possible with an extremely high attention to detail.
  • Any risks I take are calculated and educated with a thorough analysis of all facts and data, examining all options and potential outcomes.
  • I lead by setting the example myself rather than delegating to others and walking away.
  • People can depend on me to present a case that is logical and supportable – a primary strength when at the decision-making table.

View my full DISCstyles report.

Online Contributions:

I contribute to several other websites, including:

  • Hootsuite
  • CoSchedule
  • GetResponse
  • Social Media Today

I’m looking for more opportunities to guest write for other sites, so if you need a writer, please contact me: annaliese [at] mktginnovator [dot] com.

When you’re ready to make the right choice for your company, let’s get in touch.

Contact me to discuss whether you think I’m the right fit for your business needs. I’m reachable by email, or you can call me anytime: (267) 507-5656.

I’m available to start immediately, so let’s get started today!