Have a marketing career opportunity?

I’m seeking a full-time, salaried marketing position either in Center City Philadelphia, PA or remote-based. You can find out more about my qualifications through any of my portfolio pages, especially:

If you have an opening you think could work with my experience and skills, contact me today:

  • Email: annaliese@mktginnovator.com
  • Phone: (267) 507-5656

Please do not contact me if your role does not fit with my location and if it isn’t a relevant marketing role.

Need assistance with your own marketing efforts?

Several people have come to me for advice about their own work. I’ve always responded promptly with a detailed analysis of their work or other form of thorough response. Some of the requests have included:

  • What to include in a blog post about [marketing subject matter]
  • Whether I can use their article(s) in my own work
  • What I thought about their article in progress

Although I do not guarantee this, I am often willing to include people’s work in my social media sharing. I am not likely to add new articles to older posts on my website, but I am willing to consider new articles for future posts. Please keep this in mind when contacting me.

Contact types I do not respond to:

  • Unsolicited offers to guest write on my site
  • Sales pitches
  • Spam

Contact Annaliese Henwood!

I’m reachable by email, or you can call me anytime: (267) 507-5656