Why Should You Care About MktgInnovator.com? Let's start by getting to know its owner.

You know my name is Annaliese and that I’m a blogger who writes about marketing. But what is it about me that can keep you intrigued?

My focus with this website has always been to help others first, myself second.

I write each article with careful consideration as to what my audience would want to see. I make each of them thorough and rich with advice from both myself and other thought leaders in the industry.

This website also serves as my way of staying informed. I research every topic on this blog to make sure I’m staying knowledgeable and offering the best advice possible. As a result of this research, my audience gets what they need and I become more and more knowledgeable.

I don’t think it’s enough to call me a professional content writer or content creator, even though that’s how I often describe myself. You might know of people who love to write beyond their profession, and I’m one of them.

I live and breathe the written word.

Ever since I was a little child who could barely write legibly, I’ve maintained journals, written poetry and speeches, and created (other) blogs. I used to write about different awareness days and months, and my most successful speech was shared at my sister’s wedding.

The written word is as cherished to me as a camera is to a photographer.

That’s the basic rundown of who I am as the owner of this website, but it’s not everything you could possibly know. That would be a novel-length explanation!

Unless you have more specific questions, I welcome you to read through some of my more personal details below. I share some of my passions and extracurriculars as well as causes I care about and support.

This is my way of helping you better understand me, this website’s owner, as a person.

What Do I Care About?

Causes I Care About & Support

Special needs support – Special Olympics

Mental health awareness – Active Minds, Inc.

Animal welfare – Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

What You’ll Find Here

You won’t find sales pitches here.

You won’t find affiliate links or ads.

What you will find is thorough blog articles and eBooks rich with highly-applicable marketing information.

If that sounds good to you, that’s awesome. I welcome you to scroll through some of my recent articles. If you like what you see, why not join my blog newsletter? That way you’ll be notified first of new content.

If you think you came to the wrong place, that’s too bad. However, you stuck around long enough to read this, so why not give yourself more time to evaluate this website’s usefulness?

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