Annaliese Henwood Portfolio

Profile Pic - CopyThank you for your interest in my professional portfolio.

In this section of my website, I give you multiple areas with my career history. It is my aim that these pages give you a better understanding of my background and how my experiences will bring value to any organization.

If you are an employer, please contact me to discuss whether you feel I’m a fit for your open role. Emailing me is best for initial communication. Otherwise, you can give me a call at (267) 507-5656.

The Impact I’ve Made So Far

Before I send you off to my other pages, I thought I’d share some of my accolades to show you how my writing and other activities have had an impact:

  1. I wrote an article for Social Media Today that reached over 10,000 shares in its first week. It was chosen as the featured article for their email newsletter and has over 21,000 shares to date.
  2. I wrote 3 other articles for Social Media Today that were picked as the Editor’s Choice.
  3. My articles were chosen as Editor’s Picks for Business 2 Community over 15 times.
  4. I published 3 eBooks in one year. These eBooks increased my subscriber list by 600%.
  5. My content has been shared and cited on sites such as Business Insider and University of Cambridge’s Scholarly Communication.
  6. I was interviewed on a radio show for an article I wrote on LinkedIn.

My Portfolio Directory

I start with my work history.

Next, my volunteer and leadership experience.

Then, my skills and values.

Finally, career testimonials.

Contact me with career opportunities!

You can email me with job offerings or call me anytime at (267) 507-5656. Let’s get started today!