About Annaliese Henwood

Freelance writer with a commitment to creating business content that compels profitable action and builds influence while also assisting their audience. Vast content writing background with a variety of companies, including those specializing in app development, cyber security, and website accessibility.

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Career Highlights

  • Self-published 4 digital books about marketing subject matter
  • Contributed guest blog posts on 7 industry-leading blogs
  • Acquired over 600 subscribers to this blog in one year
  • Produced a white paper that generated 3 sales-ready leads in one week
  • Revived a dormant social media presence for a business on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by posting and engaging daily
  • Created a social media strategy from inception to implementation and measurement
  • Developed a case study revolving around a VIP client, including interviews, design input, and copywriting
  • Recreated two product brochures and company flyer to emphasize new branding efforts
  • Submitted 3 press releases with the purpose of building awareness
  • Released 5 email campaigns after extensive segmentation efforts to acquire buyers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are times when people ask me the below questions, so I’m sharing my answers with you here to save you time and effort. If you have other questions, use the contact options below to get in touch with me directly.

What industry or market do you serve?

My primary clients are business-to-business (B2Bs) and marketing agencies, but that list is quickly growing with experience.

How did you get started as a freelance writer?

In my early career, I worked as a marketing professional with a primary focus in content creation. I served as a public relations assistant, where I learned how to write press releases and strategies. I worked with a marketing team as a content creator, with an emphasis on sales collateral. My last employment as a full-time employee was working for a B2B as their marketing lead, doing everything from blogging to advertising to even sales training.

Every single employment gave me lessons in how to write with a lead generation goal in mind. I learned how to write directly to a specific target audience, and I developed the skills I use to this day to write content that converts curious web visitors into sales-ready leads.

Unfortunately, life got in the way of my career for a brief time. I lost my job as a marketing writer after being involved in a devastating car accident. For awhile, I spent each day applying to other full-time jobs, stubbornly insisting that these were the roles for me.

Soon, though, I realized how important writing is to me – and how successful I am at it. I started freelancing gradually, taking clients passively as I sought employment. I wrote for clients in a wide range of industries by pitching guest blog posts with client links included. It wasn’t ideal, yet, but it gave me a start.

Fast forward to late 2017:

I spoke with career experts, family, friends, past colleagues… Everyone told me what I needed to hear: freelance writing is the best career option for me. This persuaded me to take it more seriously, so I became more committed to pursuing clients and building on my reputation.

It’s now July 2018, and I rarely spend a day when I’m not writing for pay. I’m still growing my personal brand online over time to emphasize my freelance offerings, and I network to get my name out there.

This is what I do now, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

What are your rates?

My rates are available on this website, but they can be negotiated based on project scope.

What is your average turnaround time for projects?

This is dependent on project scope and other factors, such as familiarity with the company and your ideal deadlines. However, these are some sample scenarios:

If I were assigned a blog post request, and you wanted it to be about 2,000 words with a 5-day due date, I am likely to have your article completed and ready for review in no more than 3 days.

If I were assigned a tech-heavy white paper on a subject matter I’m relatively new to, and you wanted it to be at least 75 pages with a completion date of 2 weeks, I am likely to have a draft ready for your review by 1.5 weeks.

Say you already have a possible assignment you would like me to consider based on your deadline and my turnaround time. Contact me by any of the means at the bottom of this page, and we’ll chat about it.

Other questions?

You’re welcome to contact me at any time with questions or business interest. Choose from the contact options below. I’m most prompt when contacted by email.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA USA (EST)