The 10 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow for Optimal Results

When you’re looking for topics to write about on your blog, what do you use for research?

When you need valuable content to share on social media, where do you look?

When you’re trying to stay current and informed, how do you educate yourself?

Whether you’re looking for topic ideas, content to share, or just want to stay informed, following other blogs can help with it all.

Best Marketing Blogs: Intro

To assist with your research for blogs to follow, I’ve created this resource list with the 10 best marketing blogs to follow and a couple article recommendations for each to start.

In this article, I include:

  • The blog title
  • Its link
  • A brief description
  • A couple sample posts

*If you want to give any blog suggestions, scroll down and leave a comment with your ideas.*

But first, take this into consideration:

When you find a blog you want to follow, the best step to take is to subscribe to its email newsletter. It saves you from having to dig through their site every time, and oftentimes, the blog will highlight its best articles first.

Consider subscribing for easier access.

In this article, I cover 4 areas of marketing and a bonus miscellaneous category for the blogs that simply cover everything:

  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Other


Blogs about Blogging

1) Blogger Sidekick


Founded by Will Blunt, a successful entrepreneur and the Director of Marketing for the site, Blogger Sidekick has resources and articles to help you with various topics, including blog design and promotion. The articles go in depth to the point where it seems like everything you need is covered. Will is also heavily interactive with those who comment on his articles, giving readers personalized responses to their questions and other input.


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How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog (Snap, Crackle and Pop)

2) CoSchedule


CoSchedule offers a WordPress calendar for your blog and social media management. The tool is very popular, and their blog is just as successful.

In their blog, CoSchedule gives advice and resources about a range of topics to help you with your blogging, social media marketing and much more. Each article provides a handy, downloadable resource to help you implement what you learn. You can also find these downloads in their resource library for easier access.


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Blogs about Content Marketing

3) Content Marketing Institute


With a mission to educate and guide the development of content marketing, Content Marketing Institute offers more than just articles to inform. They lead their readers through content marketing advancements. They are influential in that their advice is ahead of times and provides real, successful results. This site offers their informative articles, but it also gives visitors extra resources, such as downloadable guides and events both online and in-person.


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4) Copyblogger


Copyblogger is a leader in content marketing, offering the information and resources people are looking for in a blog. They provide written articles as well as various podcasts through their service. Their blog goes into detail about content marketing strategy and development. Article authors offer the tools and strategies you’ll need to make the best content for your audience.


How to Use the “Rule of Three” to Create Engaging Content

A Brief Guide to Fixing Your Old, Neglected and Broken Content


Blogs about Email Marketing

5) GetResponse


GetResponse is an email marketing provider, which has the features you’ll need for successful campaigns, such as responsive email design and A/B testing.

In their blog, they write about a range of topics beyond email marketing, but when they focus on email, their articles are informative and the advice is proven to work. They often provide the statistics and other evidence to back what they suggest, giving their blog content credibility.


How Good Really Are Your Email Campaigns? [Benchmark Report + Webinar]

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6) Vertical Response


Also an email marketing provider, Vertical Response has features for making email campaigns quick and effective for better reach and results, including free, professional email templates and high deliverability rates.

As with GetResponse, this blog has a range of topics, including email marketing, social media, content marketing and more. When discussing email, the blog gives readers helpful tips, including other tools and resources, to help their audience improve their campaigns for a higher ROI. They write about every aspect of email marketing, making it a valuable resource for such information.


5 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Emails

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Blogs about Social Media

7) Buffer


Buffer is a leader with their social media scheduling tool, which links to most major platforms and provides detailed metrics of your activity and results.

Their blog is very popular because the content is detailed, and their advice is proven to work. Their articles go into depth for each topic, giving readers everything they need to take the next steps. Most of their articles are about social media, but they also have a blog category that discusses more, such as their company transparency details and productivity recommendations for healthy living.


The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Choosing a Social Media Niche: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding, Analyzing and Testing the Best Platform for Your Business

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8) Social Media Examiner


As the “world’s largest online social media magazine,” Social Media Examiner has a proven background in providing social media advice and its results.

The blog offers strategies and resources for specific social platforms or social media as a whole. It gives detailed suggestions for how to take each step in the topic’s process. The articles serve as step-by-step guides for their readers, with the images and resources to demonstrate each step and give readers further assistance.


How to Get More Out of Google+ with Circles

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Other Blogs to Consider

9) HubSpot


HubSpot provides all-in-one marketing software with many handy features to keep your inbound marketing on track, including pretty much everything you can possibly need.

Its blog falls into a “miscellaneous” category because they offer advice on almost all areas of marketing. Their topics range from content creation to social media and more. They even provide articles with productivity tips for using Google Docs, Excel and other programs effectively. If you’re not committed to one marketing topic alone but rather want a more varied blog to follow, this is one of the best.


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10) Jeff Bullas


Jeff Bullas is a blogger and marketing influencer, leading the way with his blog on social media marketing, content marketing, digital marketing and beyond.

Most of the best content on the site, according to its “Popular Articles” sidebar widget, include statistics and advice on social media. However, many other articles on the site give great tips on website development and other useful topics, which are worth taking a look at.


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To Sum Up

We all need to take advantage of this free strategy. Following other blogs, including our competitors, can give us a huge leg up and advantage in our marketing efforts.

Best Marketing Blogs: Conclusion

My best concluding advice is more administrative in nature:

Create a filter in your email so that all these blog post announcements go straight to a different folder instead of your already overwhelming inbox. Check it when you have the chance, and be picky which ones you give your attention. It helps to prune them by subject line even if there may be more content in the email than what’s implied.

Best of luck with your marketing, and please subscribe to my blog, too, to get more articles on a wide range of topics!