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When you’re ready to have an experienced, knowledgeable marketing writer join your business, look no further than where you are right now. I’ve been a writer throughout my entire life, but I’ve honed in on that skill in the last 7 years of my career. I have experience creating content in many formats, which you can view below or around the web. My goal is to find a role where my writing can assist with brand awareness, its influence, and lead generation. If these areas are important to you, let’s chat about your company’s position availability.


  • Marketing Specialist

    "Annaliese’s experience and drive made her a very reliable subject matter expert at Stuzo. She was quick to release a well thought out blog and was always helpful when it came to collaborating with sales. Annaliese is a valuable asset to consider for any marketing role. It was a pleasure working with her."

    Josh Wolf
    Director of Inside Sales
  • Public Relations Assistant

    "Annaliese’s ability to understand the structure of good writing is a natural skill that can’t necessarily be taught. She is talented in her ability to compose concise, intelligent prose that informs, educates and leads the reader to the article’s intended focus." (Full recommendation)

    Lynn Wehrman
    President and Founder
    The Wehrman Collaborative
  • Content Marketing Specialist

    "I worked with Annaliese for over a year on the marketing team at Virtual Forge. During my time working with her, she was always very positive and helpful. You can tell that she loves what she does because it shows with her work and interests. I would recommend Annaliese to any company who’s seeking a passionate, creative, and driven marketing professional to join their team."

    Dayna Abbott
    Marketing and Client Relationship Coordinator
    Virtual Forge
  • Content Marketing Specialist

    "My time working with Annaliese was full of positive interactions. She was always fast and courteous in her communications with me. Also, working at Virtual Forge meant getting things done in a precisely accurate and high-quality manner, and Annaliese fulfilled that need every day. She knows her stuff."

    Sara Dean
    Virtual Forge
  • Marketing Assistant

    "Annaliese Henwood was a wonderful and effective intern at Friends Center. She developed an email marketing system for us and made important upgrades to the event marketing section of our website. Annaliese is diligent and hardworking. She is willing to take on new tasks and master them." (Full recommendation)

    Patricia McBee
    Executive Director
    Friends Center


  • As of 2017, I have 7 years in content creation experience, including these formats:

    • Blog posts
    • eBooks and white papers
    • Social media content
    • Emails
    • Advertisement copy
    • Print collateral

    In addition to my writing experience, I am also HubSpot certified in content marketing and inbound marketing as of January 2017.

    If this has peaked your interest, contact me to discuss your company’s needs and position availability.

  • I’ve been on social media in a professional capacity for 3 years (as of 2017), but I also ran social media campaigns for employers from 2013-2016. My strongest experience comes from my personal branding efforts, where I am active and engaging on these platforms:

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • Instagram

    I’m also knowledgeable of the best practices for these additional platforms:

    • Pinterest
    • Snapchat
    • YouTube

    If you’re looking for a content creator who can also run effective social media campaigns, contact me today to discuss your needs and availability.

  • I worked in email marketing for several employers, running campaigns in these tools:

    • MailChimp
    • HubSpot
    • Constant Contact
    • VerticalResponse

    As part of my own personal brand, I run campaigns in MailChimp for subscribers to know of new content. I am aware of best practices in these areas of email marketing (among others):

    • Segmentation
    • Welcome emails
    • Email copywriting
    • Best times to send emails

    I also am email marketing certified via HubSpot Academy as of March 2017. If you’re looking for a thorough example of my email marketing knowledge and skill, I recommend downloading my eBook on the subject.


  • Freelance Writer | Blogger | 4x Author

    Annaliese Henwood – October 2014 – Present



    • Maintain an active blog with weekly articles
    • Publish ebook resources on a consistent basis
    • Remain heavily active with professional social media marketing activity
  • Marketing Specialist

    Stuzo – February 2016 – June 2016


    • Led the growth of the Stuzo blog with 29 articles
    • Revived the 3 dormant Stuzo social media accounts
    • Wrote and published Stuzo’s mobile RFP white paper


    • Set up and monitor Google AdWords campaigns
    • Manage 3 social media accounts with daily activity
    • Create content for the Stuzo blog and landing pages

    Reason for leaving: Stuzo leadership decided to put all marketing efforts on hold, resulting in a lost job.

    Content Marketing Specialist

    Virtual Forge, Inc. – July 2014 to February 2016


    • Prepared all marketing materials for 5+ events
    • Created the Department of Defense success story
    • Wrote and designed the content for 2 product brochures


    • Design displays for company conference booths
    • Create new PowerPoint presentations as needed for conferences
    • Update existing marketing collateral, such as presentations and brochures
    • Write and send out email marketing campaigns for conference sessions and webinars

    Reason for leaving: While I appreciated the role I had with VFI, I sought a different position that fit closer with my career goals and marketing skills.

    Public Relations Assistant

    The Wehrman Collaborative (WeCo) – September 2013 to March 2014


    • Published 3 press releases
    • Developed and implemented a new social media strategy
    • Produced daily social media content for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


    • Write press releases as the occasion arose
    • Develop a new social media marketing strategy
    • Measure all social media metrics and report on them
    • Publish daily content for WeCo’s social media accounts

    Reason for leaving: This was a temporary internship position.

    Marketing Assistant

    The Friends Center – September 2012 to August 2013


    • Published 12 new website pages created from scratch
    • Organized, updated and maintained the email marketing contacts database
    • Released more than 5 email marketing campaigns using Vertical Response and Constant Contact


    • Clean up the existing email contacts database into segmented lists
    • Send out email marketing campaigns for events and nonprofit promotion
    • Create new website pages in WordPress to represent the nonprofit’s offerings

    Reason for leaving: This was a temporary internship position.


Stuzo's Mobile App RFP White Paper

While at Stuzo, I wrote a white paper as part of a lead generation campaign. I worked with a design team to create a landing page to collect contacts in exchange for the download. To promote this free offer, I ran two Google AdWords campaigns and shared information about the offer through Stuzo’s social media accounts. This entire promotional effort lasted one week and led to numerous leads, including 3 that were qualified enough for sales outreach.

Virtual Forge Product Brochure

Virtual Forge staff attended regular conferences and trade shows, so I updated the contents and copy for their brochures and PowerPoints. This brochure is about their main product, CodeProfiler. I worked with a designer to create the final brochure. My main role was to write the contents and organize where each section would go.

Wehrman Collaborative Press Release

Along with building their social media presence, I wrote 3 press releases while with the Wehrman Collaborative. This one was most successful in driving outreach to the company.

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