Hire a Freelance Writer

The list of freelance writer benefits can form its own book.

Yet, it can be a huge challenge to find someone who can get the job done for your business. How do you find that freelance writer who fits with your industry and your needs?

Some hiring managers and recruiters seek writers from job boards and other vast black holes. They suck away all your time, killing productivity, with very little return on investment.

The good news is that you don’t have to look any further. There’s no longer a need to scour through the web to find a freelancer who can write what you need for your business goals.

You’re at your destination.

I’m Annaliese Henwood, and I’m the freelance writer you’re seeking. Expedite this process by contacting me directly right now, or keep reading to learn more about what I offer.

What Makes Me the Right Fit?

The quick answer: I’m the freelance writer of choice because of the comprehensive nature in what I offer.

You could just need a blog writer, and that’s okay. My skills don’t restrict me to one format over another, so I’m able to create any content you might need, including blog posts.

You might need multiple content types. That’s great, too. I offer packaged projects where I create multiple written pieces for one client as a bundle.

Another quick point is that I have been a consistent and prolific writer for my entire life. I kept journals when I was young; then speeches and poetry; then blogging; and now I’m working on my own nonfiction book while creating content for businesses like yours.

I’m constantly educating myself and practicing content writing best practices. I seek certifications and run my own blog to ensure I’m keeping up with the constant content marketing evolution. You won’t see me produce archaic content. Everything I write follows current trends to ensure its effectiveness at this time.

Freelance Writing Offerings

Do you need a blog writer? I can do that.

Social media? Done.

eBooks and white papers? I’ve got you covered.

Other writing formats in my expertise include:

  • Emails
  • Brochures
  • Strategies
  • Case studies
  • Website copy
  • Press releases

My comprehensive offerings are available as a whole package or in parts. It simply depends on your needs upon contact. Reach out to me when you want to chat more about these offerings.

Rates and Services

View my current rates (effective July 2018).

Contact me with any questions or interest.

Writing Samples

You can find my writing both online and off. My blogs are visible on many other sites beyond this one, including these examples:

How Ecommerce Brands Can Drive Qualified Leads from Social Media via Hootsuite

The 5 Biggest Threats to Your Blogging Efforts via GetResponse

How to Avoid Disappointing Your Social Media Followers and Keep Them Happy and Loyal via MarketingProfs

Other available writing samples include my self-published digital books, including this one:

How to Start and Build Your Own Blog: the All-in-One Handbook

And this white paper, written for Stuzo:

How to Issue a Mobile App RFP (with Template)

For more writing samples, I recommend we have a quick chat to see what formats you’re looking for in your own business content. I can share some materials that fit best with your needs at this time. Email me, call me, or send a message on Skype. I’ll respond promptly.


You might need proof that I can do what I say I can. Maybe you wonder what other people are saying, which might help sway your decision. That’s why I share two of my top testimonials from past work.

Let’s take a look:

“Annaliese’s ability to understand the structure of good writing is a natural skill that can’t necessarily be taught. She is talented in her ability to compose concise, intelligent prose that informs, educates and leads the reader to the article’s intended focus.”

Lynn Wehrman, Founder and President of The Wehrman Collaborative

“Annaliese’s experience and drive made her a very reliable subject matter expert at Stuzo. She was quick to release a well thought out blog and was always helpful when it came to collaborating with sales.”

Josh Wolf, Director of Inside Sales at Stuzo

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