Annaliese Henwood headshotHello, and welcome to my website!

I’m Annaliese, a marketing content creator and overall digital marketing professional. For over 7 years, I’ve committed my career to writing content for businesses and nonprofits. Most of my experience is with B2Bs and SaaS companies, but my skills are flexible for any industry.

The companies I’ve assisted so far are:

  • Stuzo – an app development company
  • Virtual Forge – a cyber security company
  • The Wehrman Collaborative – a website accessibility company

While with these companies, I’ve enhanced my skills in the following areas:

  • Content marketing, including blogging, white papers, brochures, case studies, strategies, calendars
  • Email marketing, using HubSpot, MailChimp, Vertical Response, and Constant Contact
  • Advertising, using Google AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Social media marketing, using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube; including daily content activity, real-time engagement, and strategy development

If you are looking to hire someone for a digital marketing role, primarily a content writer, you’re in the right place. I’m available for full-time, remote work at a business in any industry. While I prefer full-time, permanent placement in a remote setting, I’m still open to other opportunities in Philadelphia, PA.

Contact me when you’re ready to see your digital marketing efforts succeed.


Reference quote for Annaliese Henwood by Stuzo coworker

“Annaliese’s experience and drive made her a very reliable subject matter expert at Stuzo. She was quick to release a well thought out blog and was always helpful when it came to collaborating with sales.” – Josh Wolf, Stuzo

Reference quote for Annaliese Henwood from a Virtual Forge coworker

“I worked with Annaliese for over a year on the marketing team at Virtual Forge. During my time working with her, she was always very positive and helpful. You can tell that she loves what she does because it shows with her work and interests. I would recommend Annaliese to any company who’s seeking a passionate, creative, and driven marketing professional to join their team.” – Dayna Abbott, Virtual Forge

Reference quote for Annaliese Henwood from a Wehrman Collaborative supervisor

“Annaliese’s ability to understand the structure of good writing is a natural skill that can’t necessarily be taught. She is talented in her ability to compose concise, intelligent prose that informs, educates and leads the reader to the article’s intended focus.”​ – Lynn Wehrman, The Wehrman Collaborative


You might be wondering whether I have proof to back up what I’m saying. These are just a few of my career successes – examples of work that brought measurable business or branding results.


  • Published over 15 guest blog posts for 8 industry-leading blogs
  • Achieved 3 HubSpot Academy certifications in inbound marketing, content marketing, and email marketing
  • Created 4 full-length digital books about social media, email marketing, landing pages, and blogging
  • Generated almost 1,000 subscribers in the first 2 years of my blog’s existence
  • Chosen as an industry expert and influencer in 3 roundup blog posts
  • Selected as a guest host for 2 Twitter chats about landing pages and guest blogging


  • Wrote a mobile app RFP white paper with the purpose of lead generation
  • Acquired 5 marketing qualified leads over the course of a one-week white paper promotion campaign
  • Led the growth of the company blog from nonexistent to over 30 blog posts
  • Revived the company’s social media presence through daily engagement and posting on 3 platforms
  • Assisted with the design and copy for 2 landing pages about a white paper offer and Facebook chatbots


  • Prepared all marketing content for over 5 large-scale events, including booth displays, presentations, and handouts
  • Interviewed a Department of Defense client and created a case study from it
  • Wrote or adjusted the copy for 2 product brochures and a general company brochure
  • Created email marketing campaigns for events, sent them out, and monitored their performance


  • Initiated a social media strategy overhaul and implemented changes
  • Published 3 press releases, leading to an increase in inquiries
  • Measured social media performance and created reports for review
  • Streamlined the company’s social media activity on 3 platforms through daily posts


Why are all your career placements so short in duration?

I think it’s easiest to answer this question by going over each placement individually. Each departure has its own reasons and outcomes.

I left the Wehrman Collaborative because it was initially an internship position. After 3 months, the company was to decide whether to make the role a full-time, paid role. I stayed with the company for 4 months, but I ultimately chose to end the unpaid internship in search of a new career opportunity.

I left Virtual Forge because I sought a role that better fit my skills and career goals. My role at Virtual Forge became too administrative, and I wasn’t doing what my job description originally stated. I found a more relevant opportunity with Stuzo and left Virtual Forge.

I left Stuzo because the CEO took over the marketing department from my supervisor. He wanted to hire his own team to handle marketing tasks, so he let me go without warning. I then decided to give freelance writing a try and have been doing that ever since.

The key point here is: I don’t want to be a short-term employee.

My ideal career placement is one where I stay long-term or at least until I’ve made a proper impact. Any company with a low turnover rate fits with my placement expectations.

Do you have work samples you can share from past employments?

Although some documents are strictly private to the company, I can share a few examples with permission. Please note that these samples are for review with the purpose of proving skill and experience. They are not for sale, and plagiarism is prohibited by law.

With my freelance work, I created 4 digital books, which are available elsewhere on this website. However, you can get a free copy of my blogging book without form submission through this direct download link.

With Stuzo, I created a white paper about mobile app RFPs. It’s hidden behind a landing page form, but I can give you a copy now that the page is deactivated. You can get a copy without form submission through this direct viewing link.

With Virtual Forge, I created a case study for one of the company’s clients: the U.S. Department of Defense. It is available to you for viewing through this direct link.

While with the Wehrman Collaborative, I wrote 3 press releases. One of them was about eBook accessibility – the most effective one of the three. You can view the press release on the Cision (PRWeb) website.

When are you available to start in a new role?

As of June 2018, I am available to start within 2 weeks. I request at least 1 week to transition from freelance to the new role, including informing freelance clients of my departure. I do not have any other barriers to getting started.

What are your salary expectations?

It depends on the role, but here are some basic and flexible options.

  • As a content marketing manager, I request at least $60,000 annual salary.
  • As a multifaceted marketing manager (someone wearing many hats), I request at least $65,000 annual salary.
  • As an associate level marketing professional, I request at least $55,000 annual salary.

Again, these numbers are just examples and are not set in stone. They can be adjusted based on location, industry, company size, and other factors. Please do not hesitate to speak with me on this matter if you’re concerned.


You can email me with job offerings or career tips, or call me anytime at (267) 507-5656. Let’s get started today!