Career Testimonials

Are you still on the fence about whether I can be a good fit for the marketing role at your business or organization?

You won’t find the perfect employee without examining their background in depth. That is why I have my online portfolio, including this important page. I dedicated it entirely to the people who’ve helped me build my career – the people I, in turn, helped as well.

These are just 7 of the many people I’ve helped throughout my career.

Take a look at what they have to say. If interested, ask me for their contact details. Please note that they may have a contact preference, and I ask that you respect their choice.

Marketing Specialist at Stuzo

Josh Wolf, former Director of Inside Sales at Stuzo, says...

Annaliese’s experience and drive made her a very reliable subject matter expert at Stuzo. She was quick to release a well thought out blog and was always helpful when it came to collaborating with sales. Annaliese is a valuable asset to consider for any marketing role. It was a pleasure working with her.

Content Marketing Specialist at Virtual Forge

Sara Dean, former Bookkeeper at Virtual Forge, says...

My time working with Annaliese was full of positive interactions. She was always fast and courteous in her communications with me. Also, working at Virtual Forge meant getting things done in a precisely accurate and high-quality manner, and Annaliese fulfilled that need every day. She knows her stuff.

Content Marketing Specialist at Virtual Forge

Dayna Abbott, former Marketing and Client Relationship Coordinator at Virtual Forge, says...

I worked with Annaliese for over a year on the marketing team at Virtual Forge. During my time working with her, she was always very positive and helpful. You can tell that she loves what she does because it shows with her work and interests. I would recommend Annaliese to any company who’s seeking a passionate, creative, and driven marketing professional to join their team.

Public Relations Assistant at The Wehrman Collaborative

Lynn Wehrman, President and Founder at WeCo, says...

Annaliese’s ability to understand the structure of good writing is a natural skill that can’t necessarily be taught. She is talented in her ability to compose concise, intelligent prose that informs, educates and leads the reader to the article’s intended focus.

Marketing Assistant at Friends Center

Patricia McBee, former Executive Director at Friends Center, says...

Annaliese Henwood was a wonderful and effective intern at Friends Center. She developed an email marketing system for us and made important upgrades to the event marketing section of our website. Annaliese is diligent and hardworking. She is willing to take on new tasks and master them.

Volunteer at Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals

Jodi Button, former Executive Director at Francisvale, says...

Annaliese is a highly focused, deeply committed individual who is clearly motivated, personally and professionally, by great integrity and creative vision.

Marketing Assistant at The Empowering Center

Monica Livingston, Director of Community Relations at The Empowering Center, says...

Annaliese is a delightful young person. Her dedication to assigned tasks literally makes her a supervisor’s dream employee. Attention to detail, time management, and a desire to truly achieve success are just some of the attributes I would use to describe Ms. Henwood.

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