How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI with Limited Resources

Marketing ROI: Intro

When your marketing budget is tight, whether it be because you’re a new company or you’re doing this independently, you can’t afford to waste any time or money on excess tools or strategies, especially when you have alternatives.

That’s where this article comes in. Introducing: 5 ways to maximize your marketing ROI when your resources are limited.

Knowing you want free ways to save time and money while still being efficient, I’ve created this resource to get you started. Each item on the list is potentially free, and they all can help you maintain an active marketing strategy that brings in real results.


Be Trendy

The best, most successful marketers pay attention to the changing marketing trends and adjust accordingly. This gives them a high advantage over those who do not.

You’ll want to stay in tune with these advancements yourself, and here are just two of the most efficient ways:

Be Savvy

You can spend hours surfing through Google search results and resource articles, trying to find the most effective yet affordable tools out there for your needs, and you still might have trouble finding what you’re looking for.

The solution: be savvy. Know the exact features you’d ideally like to have, but be flexible enough to accept sacrifice.

There are a ton of products out there that offer free plans, but they do have limitations. If you’re willing to accept those limits, you’ll save money. If you’re willing to pay that monthly charge for full access, you’ll be able to do more.

The important thing to remember is: this takes research and experimentation. Find a tool that has what you’re looking for, and do their free trial or use their free plan first. See if it’s worth the investment.

Be Organized

Your work is either already overwhelming or will be soon enough. Creating content, above all, can get disorganized quickly.

That’s why so many people say having an editorial calendar is mandatory.

The good news: this can be free.

Some services, such as HubSpot and Content Marketing Institute, provide free Excel templates and/or advice articles you can use to build and maintain your calendar. See also: a DIY content calendar guide

Marketing ROI: Stay Organized

If you’re not organized, you’ll lose track. If you don’t have a system in place to stay on track, you’ll fall behind.

Don’t fall behind.

Be Thorough

You can’t go a week of reading about marketing without seeing at least one article about long-form content. Even with the ever decreasing attention span, people like to see longer articles.

They’re more thorough and give readers more information in one place. It saves them from having to dig through different websites to find what they’re looking for.

Even with limited time, you can write longer articles. Simply write longer content less often. Find a balance where you have the time to write each post without sacrificing quality.

CoSchedule has an article explaining why you should consider long-form content that’s worth a read if you’re looking for more evidence:

5 Things that will Change Your Mind about Long-Form Content Marketing

Be Active

In a previous article, I wrote about the crucial importance of interacting with your audience. Having a low budget is no excuse for ignoring those who reach out to you. Even further, you should always dedicate some time to reaching out to others yourself.

This is especially true on social media. It wouldn’t be social if you don’t interact. It’s not “broadcast media” after all.

Dedicate small chunks of time every day to respond and reach out to others on your site and social media. You’ll see a clear difference in your audience loyalty and engagement.


Do you think you’re ready to improve your marketing ROI? Try these 5 tips, and see whether they make a difference for you without breaking the bank.