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With every day that we act upon our marketing strategy and with every step we take, we take risks. Those risks can lead to great rewards, or they can hurt us in the end. Most times, the consequences of our marketing are directly related to our own initial choices, and this can be used to our benefit if we take the time to focus and think before acting. These scenarios and marketing tips are meant to save you from avoidable, negative consequences.

Marketing Tips: Intro

I’ve developed a list of a few issues I’ve noticed both in my own work and the activity of other marketers. Each point is an action or result that can be avoided if one is willing to take the necessary steps. With each point, I provide marketing tips and solutions for you to consider.


What Can Go Wrong


Fire pitDo you try to do too much at once? Do you write your blog posts or prepare the whole week of social media content in one sitting? Sometimes, that can work for people, but you’re taking a huge risk. Oftentimes, trying to do too much too quickly can lead to burn out. It has several negative consequences you should definitely be aware of, including:

  • Poor content quality
  • Inconsistent content output
  • Physical and mental exhaustion

Self-promotion overload

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I’ve heard from some bloggers that they think focusing exclusively on self-promotion on social media can work. That’s great for them, but most of the time, it’s a bad idea. Some thought leaders give a recommended percentage for this, such as the 80-20 rule, but you have to be careful. Being too self-focused in your social media activity can cause more harm than good, such as:

  • Isolating your audience
  • Missed opportunities to connect with other influencers
  • Boring your audience

Falling behind

Moving tortoiseYou don’t want to fall behind in your marketing knowledge, especially when it comes to current trends that are popular and effective. You’d be missing so many great opportunities to reach your audience in the best ways possible. If you don’t stay up-to-date, you’ll have to worry about these possible consequences:

  • Becoming outdated
  • Losing your influence
  • Running out of content ideas

What To Do About It


First, you just need to learn to walk away from your marketing work. Take a break every 45 minutes or every hour, whatever works for you. Use the Pomodoro technique, if you think that’ll help. Sometimes, you’re best bet is to let go of your stubbornness and ask for help. You are definitely capable of working independently, but asking for help has so many benefits:

  • You get a break from your own mind
  • You get fresh ideas and input that you might have missed before
  • You build stronger relationships with others by letting them have a say

Self-promotion overload

Sometimes, you just don’t have the content inventory to self-promote much, and that’s okay. You’ll build upon that inventory over time. If you need to share others’ content most of the time, don’t worry. It’s actually recommended. The one thing you should definitely keep in mind is: you don’t want to share the same content on social media over and over again too often. You’ll bore your audience to death. If you don’t have a wide array of content published yet, sharing others’ articles would help you out a lot.

I don’t really follow a percentage technique, such as the 80-20 rule, because I’d rather stick to something simpler. On Twitter, 2 of my tweets are about others’ content, and 1 of them is self-promotional. On Facebook, it’s a 50-50 approach. On LinkedIn, it’s 100% self-promotional.

There are many benefits of sharing others’ content more often than your own, such as:

  • Building relationships with other social media users you mention
  • Learning more about marketing by reading others’ content
  • Getting fresh ideas for your own marketing

Falling behind

In some of my other articles, I’ve recommended subscribing to other blogs to stay current. I still strongly believe in that approach’s power. If you want to maintain a strong understanding of what works in marketing and what’s become outdated, you need to find a way to stay current. In my opinion, subscribing to other blogs is your best bet. Some of the greatest benefits are:

  • You see what others are saying works for them, which might work for you, too.
  • You learn about what is currently effective and what has become obsolete.
  • You build upon your own content inventory by finding new topics to talk about.


In the end, you take many risks every time you sit down to work on your online marketing, especially every time you publish something for the world to see. Your blog, social media and other activity can benefit or suffer with every decision you make. Burn out, self-promotion overload and falling behind are just 3 of many consequences you may face from time to time. The important point to remember is:

Your marketing success depends on your willingness to step away, lower your ego and keep learning. Without that, your hard work will suffer in the end.


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