The 3 Most Useful Writers Block Tools for Getting Thoughts Onto Paper

We’ve all been there, right? We have our paper and pen or blank computer document in front of us. We have deadlines and expectations to meet, leading to heavy stress and the potential for an increased error rate. It can all cause one of two things: results or blockage, but more often than not, it’s the latter.

Writers Block Tools: Quote

What can we do about this?

The first step is to understand why you’re experiencing this writing block. You must understand this before you can work to overcome it for improved writing productivity.

The focus here is on overcoming, not diagnosing. However, if you’re going to get anything out of this article, you should know what problem area you’re hoping to solve, whether it be content generation, productivity or otherwise.

This article provides the writers block tools you need to overcome the blockage that prevents you from getting your thoughts onto paper.


The 3 Best Writers Block Tools

Many times, bloggers hit a block in their idea development. It’s a very early stage in the writing process, and it’s definitely a key component to blogging. Without having ideas of content to write about, you won’t have a blog at all.

There are several resources out there to help you develop your ideas, but I have three in particular that I highly recommend:

Writers Block Tools: Impact's BlogAbout Blog Title Generator

The first is BlogAbout by Impact Branding & Design. You’re given the option to choose a focus, such as productivity or social media, and the website directs you to idea prompts to fill in as headline ideas. For example, I selected “Blog About Productivity.” After hitting next, I had the option to fill in a couple blanks in this headline prompt:

_ Big ___ to Watch for This Year.

Once I filled in my ideas in the blanks, I selected the red heart to save the headline to my own list, which I soon found out I could email to myself. It was very handy to have my list appear in my inbox for easy reference.

There is one somewhat hidden resource on this site that I nearly missed. On the right side of the screen, halfway down, it says “writer’s block?” If you select that, it takes you to a doodling space to help you visualize what you’re looking for. If you’re a visual person, this could be very helpful for you.

I do have one complaint. When you get your list of headline ideas in your email, it is near impossible to transfer them to a Word or Excel document, or pretty much anywhere for that matter. The best you can do is copy/paste the text and adjust the formatting in Word, if your email service provider allows that. I’m hoping Impact makes this easier for us in the future because it would help all of us get to work faster on our new ideas.

Writers Block Tools: Portent's Content Idea Generator

The next of the writers block tools I recommend for content idea generation is Portent’s Content Idea Generator. I happen to love the fun attitude of this tool. The results are almost always funny, and the side notes for each word they provide are hilarious.

Unfortunately, though, I did get a bit frustrated by a few limitations. First, you have to be very careful with the subject you use, and even then, you could have problems. For example, I wanted to use “productivity” as my keyword, but the website kept changing it to “productivities.” I know they say you can adjust this, but here comes another issue: you can’t edit on the website. You have to write down the headline elsewhere and adjust it there. This also leads to my last frustration: there’s no option to save your ideas or email them to yourself.

I still do like this tool though. I like the spunk and creativity. I just wish they would correct the issues I’ve mentioned and develop more features.

Writers Block Tools: HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator

The last of the writers block tools I have on my list is HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. HubSpot’s tool is different from the other two I’ve mentioned. You start by inserting three nouns into a prompt and move on to a page where some ideas are listed. I used these three nouns: productivity, procrastination and time management. My results were less than ideal. I soon discovered that this tool aims more toward businesses and their blogging rather than individuals. I was slightly disappointed with that realization, but I did get inspired by some of my results even though they required a lot of adjustment.

Well, do you think any of these content generator tools can work for you? They all have their benefits and annoyances. It’s ultimately up to you and your needs. Whether you’re experiencing writer’s block at this very moment or will deal with it in the future, I hope this article helps you along your path to an abundance of better ideas for your blog and otherwise.


If you have any questions or other input, please leave a comment or contact me directly via email.